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Vaccine Questions Ep8: Looking to the future with Professor Christine Loscher

In the final episode of this series, Professor of Immunology Christine Loscher discusses the vaccine rollout and answers questions on vaccines for teens, booster shots and more.

As we reach 70 percent of the population of Ireland vaccinated against COVID-19, host Dick Ahlstrom chats to immunologist Professor Christine Loscher about how Ireland has performed in terms of its vaccination programme, what we have learned about the virus and about vaccines over the last year and what’s new in terms of vaccine development. She also answers questions on the vaccination of children and teens and on the start of vaccine booster shots. Christine is a Full Professor of Immunology and Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Science & Health at DCU. In 2020 she established the DCU Covid-19 Research & Innovation Hub which currently has 16 funded projects aimed at novel solutions in the fight against Covid-19.

More information on COVID-19 vaccines

The RIA’s Life and Medical Sciences Committee has published a revised expert statement on vaccines. The statement is written in plain English and provides accurate information on vaccines. ‘Vaccines: a life-saving choice expert statement’ by Kingston Mills MRIA, Bert Rima MRIA and Dick Ahlstrom

You can find more information on vaccines and vaccination at:

This series is organised by the Life and Medical Sciences Committee in partnership with the Health Research Board