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Call for applications: European fund for displaced scientists

ALLEA is officially launching the call for applications for the European Fund for Displaced Scientists (EFDS). This call pertains to Funding Line 1 of the EFDS, set up to support academic institutions in Europe that are accepting Ukrainian scholars displaced by the war.

ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, is launching the call for applications for Funding Line 1 of the European Fund for Displaced Scientists (EFDS). Funding Line 1 provides funds to academic institutions (including universities, academies, and other research-performing organisations) within the Council of Europe ( region that are willing and able to host displaced Ukrainian scholars.

Hosting institutions will integrate Ukrainian scholars into existing or new research projects and departments, and commit to supporting them by providing the required infrastructure for scholars to continue their research work in a safe environment. The EFDS programme will offer a monthly stipend for up to 12 months. Applications may only be submitted by the prospective host institutions, and the maximum amount should not exceed €25,000 per hosting arrangement. There is no limit as to how many scholars an institution can apply funding for.

Applications will be received in two different rounds. To be considered for the first round, complete applications must be submitted by 1 July 2022. The application form and all the relevant information regarding the application process can be found in ALLEA’s dedicated page for Funding Line 1. All queries regarding the EFDS programme can be sent via email to

A separate call for Funding Line 2 will be launched soon, which will provide funds to affected Ukrainian institutions to help them maintain and rebuild their research operations and networks.

About the EFDS programme

The European Fund for Displaced Scientists (EFDS) has been established through a partnership between ALLEA and the Breakthrough Prize Foundation to support scholars and scientific institutions impacted by the war in Ukraine. The programme, endowed with $1.5 million, will provide funding to academic institutions in Europe to host displaced scholars, as well as to affected Ukrainian research institutions to help them maintain their operations and rebuild their scientific facilities and research collaborations