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Building an ERA that fosters Academic Freedom and Excellence

In a new statement, the Royal Irish Academy as a member of the ALLEA European Research Area Working Group sets priorities for building a new European Research Area (ERA) and for implementing the Policy Action Points developed in the ERA Transition Forum.

With the publication of the ALLEA Statement for an European Research Area of Freedom and Excellence published today, the Royal Irish Academy together with its sister European Academies of Sciences and Humanities reflects on the 20 ERA Policy Agenda Action Points of the ERA Transition Forum.

The RIA’s PL&A Secretary, Dan Carey MRIA, a member of the ALLEA European Research Area Working Group who prepared the statement said:

“International research cooperation and strong research practices are a sine qua non for research excellence in all disciplines. Ireland has a wonderful track record as a leader in research integrity and ethical research and, of course, our researchers’ excellence is evident in their success in European funding schemes. ALLEA and the RIA will work within the ERA forums to ensure that the principles of academic freedom, integrity and ethics, excellence, trustworthiness, inclusiveness, openness, sustainability, collaboration, mobility, equality, diversity, equity, as well as thinking and acting globally, inform the implementation of ERA.”

The Royal Irish Academy has a particular interest in issues of academic freedom and will contribute to discussions on scientific and academic freedom within the International Cooperation subgroup of the ERA Forum.