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The future of Europe depends on robust, open and free science education

EU National Academies call on European Parliament candidates to support open, robust and free science and education.

The Presidents of the National Academies in the 27 European Union Member States issued a joint statement on 6 May 2024 calling on candidates in the forthcoming European Parliament elections to commit to supporting open, free, and robust science and education in the European Union.

Commenting on the Statement, the President of the Royal Irish Academy, Pat Guiry said:

Research and science systems across Europe are reservoirs of expertise and knowledge and provide the necessary spark for innovation and subsequent progress for the benefit of society. I hope that today’s statement encourages those seeking election in the upcoming June European Parliamentary elections to engage with Irish scientists and researchers to understand the critical contributions of scientific research and the valuable role played by the European Parliament in supporting and driving science and innovation.

As part of the Statement, the Presidents of the National Academies call upon MEPS to safeguard the open and international collaborative character of the scientific endeavour, invest in the full breadth of science and scholarship and support the use of current scientific knowledge to inform European policymaking.

For further information, please contact: Sinéad Riordan Head of Policy & International Relations.