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Young Academy Ireland Launches 2024-28 Strategic Plan

Young Academy Ireland (YAI) marks its first anniversary with the unveiling of its collective vision and commitment to a vibrant and diverse community.

The strategic plan sets out the Young Academy Ireland mission and ‘grand challenges’ for the years 2024–28. It establishes the priorities of YAI and outlines the contribution that YAI members aim to make to the research and cultural life of the island of Ireland.

The initial mission of YAI is:

  • to provide a cross-disciplinary platform that can allow early-career researchers and innovators (ECRIs) to contribute effectively to the development of all-island research and cultural life;
  • to ensure that ECRIs are represented and actively participate in discussions that address global issues among ECRIs;
  • to bring ECRIs together to work collaboratively on major challenges for the benefit of society.

Young Academy Ireland has identified five grand challenges that constitute pivotal issues in supporting and enhancing the research and cultural landscape of the island of Ireland:

  1. Achieving Sustainability
  2. Creating a Fair and Inclusive Society
  3. Securing the Future of Academia
  4. Supporting Public Involvement and Engagement with Research
  5. Providing Transdisciplinary Expertise for Public Policy

Leveraging the collective expertise of its members, YAI is committed to identifying and implementing transdisciplinary initiatives aligned with these grand challenges. Through a combination of public and stakeholder engagement and rigorous academic output, YAI aims to achieve both short-term and lasting impact. The activities of YAI serve as a compelling example of how inclusive, transdisciplinary efforts can drive tangible progress on the island.

The Strategic Plan 2024-28 is now available for viewing and download in English or in Irish.

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  • #YAIResearchForChange
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Caption: Pictured YAI Executive Committee Members (l to r) Emma Farrell (@emmaefarrell); Declan O’Loughlin (@oloughlindec); Karina Doorley (@karinadoorley); and Niamh Wycherley (@NiamhWycherley);


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