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Admittance Day 2024

28 newly elected Members were officially admitted to the Academy this afternoon, for their exceptional contributions to the sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as to public service.

Our 2024 newly elected Members include:

  • Dr Ruth Patterson, the first woman to be ordained in Ireland and recognised for her peace and reconciliation work
  • Professor Brendan Kelly, whose interdisciplinary perspective is evident in his extensive publications on Ireland’s history of institutional confinement
  • Professor Pilar Fernandez-Ibanez, whose research focuses on decentralised technologies for drinking water in developing countries
  • Professor Patrick McGorry, an Officer of the Order of Australia, who is known world-wide for his youth mental health innovation
  • Professor Una Hunt, world-renowned concert pianist who has made an outstanding contribution to Irish music research
  • Professor Brian Lawlor, founding director of the Global Brain Health Institute based at Trinity College Dublin and the University of California

Ireland should be immensely proud of these 28 women and men who have been elected by their peers and have brought international acclaim to our country through their distinct areas of research. As Members of the Royal Irish Academy they will support and strengthen our capacity to achieve our strategic goals and objectives as we look to the launch of our Strategic Plan 2024-2028 in the coming weeks.

Professor Pat Guiry, President of the Royal Irish Academy

The 28 new Members of the Royal Irish Academy are:

New Honorary Members

Professor Donald McDonnell, Duke University
Professor Ann Graybiel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor James Chandler, University of Chicago
Professor Patrick McGorry, University of Melbourne

New Members, Science

Professor David Brayden, University College Dublin
Professor Fidelma Dunne, University of Galway
Professor Niall English, University College Dublin
Professor Pilar Fernandez-Ibanez, Ulster University
Professor David Henshall, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Professor Ortwin Hess, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Daniel Kelly, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Brian Lawlor, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Maria McNamara, University College Cork
Professor Caitriona O’Driscoll, University College Cork
Professor John O’Halloran, University College Cork
Dr Tony Scott, University College Dublin

New Members, Polite Literature & Antiquities (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Professor Patrick Clancy, University College Dublin
Professor Porscha Fermanis, University College Dublin
Professor Poul Holm, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Una Hunt, TU Dublin
Professor Brendan Kelly, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Louise Mallinder, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Paul Mullan, The National Lottery Heritage Fund
Professor Gary Murphy, Dublin City University
Professor Eve Patten, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Ruth Patterson, Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Professor Christiane Schönfeld, Mary Immaculate College
Professor Graeme Warren, University College Dublin

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