• Gearóid S. Mac Eoin

    BA, MA(NUI), DPhil(Bonn) Emeritus Professor of Old and Middle Irish and Celtic Philology, NUIG Member, PL&A 1975
  • Séamus Mac Mathúna

    BA, PhD(QUB). FRSA Professor of Irish and Celtic Studies, UU Member, PL&A 2006
  • Brian Dominic MacCraith

    BSc, MSc, PhD(NUI) President, DCU Member, Science 2007
  • Alasdair MacIntyre

    Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame Honorary Member, PL&A 1999
  • Malcolm MacLachlan

    BSc(Cardiff 1983), PhD(Dundee 1986), MSc(Lond 1988), DipBA(Strathclyde 1990), MA(Dubl 1999), MA (jo). FTCD Professor of Psychology and Social Inclusion, Maynooth University Member, PL&A 2005
  • Deirdre Madden

    BCL(NUI 1987), LLM(NUI 1988), BL(Honourable Society of Kings Inns 1989), PhD(NUI 2000) Professor of Law, UCC Member, PL&A 2020
  • Hugh Magennis

    BA, MA, PhD(QUB 1970, 1972, 1981) Emeritus Professor of English, QUB Member, PL&A 2006
  • Christine A Maggs

    BA, MA(Oxon 1978), PhD(NUI 1983) Executive Dean Of The Faculty Of Science & Technology, Bournemouth Member, Science 2013
  • Eleanor Maguire

    BA, PhD, FMEDSCI, FRS Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London Honorary Member, Science 2017
  • Anita Rose Maguire

    BSc(NUI 1985), PhD(NUI 1989) Vice President Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Director ABCRF, UCC Member, Science 2014
  • Anne Elizabeth Magurran

    BSc, DPhil(Ulster 1976, 1981), FRSE Professor of Ecology and Evolution, University of St Andrews Honorary Member, Science 2020
  • Imelda Maher

    BCL(NUI), LLM(Temple), BL(Kings Inns) Sutherland Full Professor of European Law, UCD Member, PL&A 2011
  • Anthony Peter William Malcomson

    BA, MA(Cantab), PhD(QUB 1970) Retired Director, Public Record Office, Belfast Member, PL&A 1987
  • Sinisa Malesevic

    BA(University of Zagreb 1993), MA, Dipl(Central European University/Lancaster University 1995,1996), PhD(UCC 1999) Professor of Sociology & Head of School of Sociology, UCD Member, PL&A 2010
  • James P Mallory

    AB(Occidental 1967), PhD(Calif 1975) Emeritus Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, QUB Member, PL&A 1996
  • Jonathan Paul Gascoigne Malthouse

    BSc, PhD(Lond 1973, 1977) Professor of Biochemistry, UCD Member, Science 2005
  • Maurice Anthony Manning

    BA, MA(NUI 1964, 1966), DLitt(NUI 1999) President Irish Human Rights Commission 2002-2012 and Chancellor, NUI Member, PL&A 2009
  • Martin George Southcote Mansergh

    BA(Oxon 1969, MA(Oxon 1974), DPhil(Oxon 1974), Doctorate(hc NUI 2017) Vice-Chair of the Expert Advisory Group on Commemorations Member, PL&A 2018
  • Christopher William Marsh

    BA(Cantab 1986), PhD(Cantab 1991) Professor of Cultural History, QUB Member, PL&A 2020
  • Michael Marsh

    BA, MA, PhD Professor of Comparative Political Behaviour, Trinity College Dublin Member, PL&A 2016
  • Seamus Joseph Martin

    BSc, PhD(NUI). FTCD Smurfit Professor of Medical Genetics, TCD Member, Science 2006
  • Patrick Masterson

    MA(NUI), PhD(Louvain), Dr(hc Caen, Dubl, NYU) Emeritus Professor of Philosophy; Former University Principal, European University, Florence; and Former President, UCD Member, PL&A 1989
  • Martin Mathieu

    Diploma, Doctor Natural Sciences, Habiliation, (Universität Tübingen 1982,1987,1991) Reader, QUB Member, Science 2010
  • Aaron Gordon Maule

    BSc(QUB 1986), PhD(QUB 1989) Professor of Molecular Parasitology, QUB Member, Science 2012
  • Andrew David Hastings Mayes

    MA(Dubl), PhD(Edin), LittD(Dubl). FTCD(Emeritus) Former Erasmus Smith's Professor of Hebrew, TCD Member, PL&A 1992


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