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Grangegorman Lives: Eleonora Lilian Fleury

Our Grangegorman Lives series continues with Eleonora Lilian Fleury (1867 – 1960), Manchester native and medical doctor.

Eleonora Lilian Fleury was the first female psychiatrist in Britain and Ireland, who practised exclusively at the ‘Richmond District Lunatic Asylum’, Grangegorman and its satellite asylum St Ita’s, Portrane. She later became involved in the civil war in Ireland participating in an organised assistance and escape programme for anti-treaty republicans that involved hiding escapees in the asylum at Portrane. Learn more about this formidable woman.

Grangegorman Lives is a series of biographies of over 60 women and men whose lives influenced or were influenced by Grangegorman. The biographies are all sourced from Ireland’s Dictionary of Irish Biography: Ireland’s national biographical dictionary. Devised, researched, written and edited under the auspices of the Royal Irish Academy, its online edition is freely available at

Article image: © Sam Bleckley, 2021