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Grangegorman Lives: James Celestine Carr

Our Grangegorman Lives series continues with James Celestine Carr, a prominent radiologist.

James Celestine Carr (1933 – 2006) was a radiologist involved in the deployment of cutting-edge technology in the so-called “golden age of what is now called basic radiology”. Having been trained in radiology in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Carr would go on to join the Richmond Hospital radiology department as a consultant in 1969. Here, Carr continued to expand into the emerging discipline of interventional radiology. At the forefront of promoting the usage of new diagnostic imaging technologies and techniques, Carr led the procurement and installation of the first ever CAT (computerised axial tomography) scanner in Ireland, established at the Richmond Hospital in 1977. Through Carr’s involvement, the Richmond Hospital radiology department would continue to grow; hosting sixty-nine staff able to provide ultrasound services by the 1980s.

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Image credit: An aerial view (from east to west) of the Grangegorman site in the 1950s.