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Grangegorman Lives: Margaret Louisa Aylward

The next pairing in our Grangegorman Lives series demonstrate how very different lives can intersect and impact one another. The lives of Margaret Louisa Aylward and Thomas Lambert Synnott, both born in 1810, intersect in Grangegorman in 1860-1.

Margaret Louisa Aylward (1810-1889) is best known as the founder of the Catholic religious order Sisters of the Holy Faith and the network of St Brigid’s national schools for girls. However, in 1860 she was imprisoned in the Grangegorman Female Penitentiary for kidnap. Discover more about Margaret Aylward’s life

Grangegorman Lives is a series of biographies of over 60 women and men whose lives influenced or were influenced by Grangegorman. The biographies are all sourced from Ireland’s Dictionary of Irish Biography: Ireland’s national biographical dictionary. Devised, researched, written and edited under the auspices of the Royal Irish Academy, its online edition is freely available at

Article image: © Romuald Gibson FMS courtesy of the Holy Faith Archives.