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Grangegorman Lives: Sir William Stokes

The next addition to our Grangegorman Lives series is Sir William Stokes, a surgeon born to the pioneering cardiologist William Stokes.

Sir William Stokes (1839 – 1900) was a surgeon born to the pioneering cardiologist William Stokes. The younger Stokes was educated at the Royal School, Armagh, as well as Trinity College Dublin. Upon completing his postgraduate study abroad, Stokes established his own practice before serving at the Richmond Hospital from 1868 to 1888. Stokes would come to be well known for his time at the Richmond Hospital, during which he performed the Gritti-Strokes amputation of the lower limb and in 1877 invented the double–threaded screw extension splint.

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Image source: William Stokes, See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons