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New research on cross border co-operation in health

ARINS author Deirdre Heenan has undertaken a qualitative scoping study on collaboration that currently takes place between Ireland and Northern Ireland’s health systems. At an event on 8 July, she presents her findings.

Her article outlining the work and findings has been peer reviewed and will shortly be published in Irish Studies in International Affairs along with other ARINS work. You can read the paper ‘Collaborating on Healthcare on an All-Island Basis: A Scoping Study’ here in advance of publication.

This independent scoping research was commissioned by the Shared Island unit in the Department of the Taoiseach as a discussion paper contribution for a Shared Island Dialogue event on ‘Working together for a healthier island’, on 8th July 2021, held as part of the Government of Ireland’s Shared Island initiative. Recordings and reports of the Shared Island Dialogue series are available at

Professor Deirdre Heenan was formerly Provost and Dean of Academic Development at the Magee Campus. A distinguished researcher, author and broadcaster, she is a member of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and has published widely on healthcare, education policy, social care and devolution. She is a co-founder and former co-director of the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey. Her previous article ‘Cross-border co-operation Health in Ireland’ is freely available in Irish Studies in International Affairs.