The Royal Irish Academy/Acadamh Ríoga na hÉireann champions research. We identify and recognise Ireland’s world class researchers. We support scholarship and promote awareness of how science and the humanities enrich our lives and benefit society. We believe that good research needs to be promoted, sustained and communicated. The Academy is run by a Council of its members. Membership is by election and considered the highest academic honour in Ireland.

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Policy Reports

ALLEA Activities Report May 2019 – April 2020

04 June 2020

This report compiles a summary of ALLEA’s activities from May 2019 to April 2020

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Challenges and potential in regenerative medicine

02 June 2020

The European Academies of Science (EASAC) and Medicine (FEAM) call upon European lawmakers to protect biomedical science from false claims

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How can science help to guide the European Union’s green recovery after COVID-19?

27 May 2020

 EASAC commentary discusses how science can help to guide the European Union’s green recovery after COVID-19

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Joint ALLEA-FEAM Statement on Migration and Health

04 May 2020

EU and national authorities need to act now to support the health of migrants, according to European academy networks ALLEA and FEAM.

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Towards implementing the European Open Science Cloud – IPR and other strategic considerations

31 March 2020

ALLEA welcomes the progress of the European Open Science Cloud and highlights its great potential to accelerate the transition towards open science

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Submission to the 2020 Strategic Review of Irish-Scottish relations

27 March 2020

The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Irish Academy collaborated to offer a joint submission to the Scottish and Irish Governments’ 2020 Strategic Review of Irish-Scottish relations.

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Infectious diseases and the future: policies for Europe

01 October 2011

A non-technical summary of an EASAC report, European Public Health and Innovation Policy for Infectious Disease: The View from EASAC.

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Packaging plastics in the circular economy

11 March 2020

This report shows that fundamental and systemic reforms are required along the whole value chain, in order to slow and reverse damage to the environment, biodiversity and risks to human health.

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EASAC Commentary: The regulation of genome-edited plants in the European Union

04 March 2020

The current EU rules on genetically modified organisms (GMO) are not fit for purpose anymore, leading scientists warn in a newly released EASAC commentary.

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Sustainable and FAIR Data Sharing in the Humanities

18 February 2020

This report provides key recommendations to make digital data in the humanities “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable”, in line with the FAIR principles. .

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Museums for the future: policies and practices in Ireland

05 December 2019

A public discussion document arising from the Royal Irish Academy Future Museums workshop, Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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The Need for Intellectual Property Rights Strategies at Academic Institutions

11 November 2019

A statement produced by ALLEA’s Permanent Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights, which comprises experts from various disciplines and from academies across Europe.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Statement by EASAC and FEAM

07 November 2019

Academies warn against unregulated use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Report on historical mental health records seminar 16 May 2019

31 October 2019

Report from the historical mental health records seminar addressing the current status of and access to these records in Ireland and investigating international models of good practice.

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Delivering Horizon Europe

10 October 2019

European Academies call for Excellence, Fairness and Openness in the Implementation of Horizon Europe.

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ALLEA (2018, 2019) ‘Truth, Trust and Expertise’

24 September 2019

A Briefing Paper by Professor Maria Baghramian MRIA and Professor Luke Drury MRIA discussing ALLEA's work on public trust in evidence-based social institutions

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Research and Innovation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

06 September 2019

Factsheet outlining the current levels of research and innovation collaboration and links between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Authored by RIA in conjunction with the Royal Society.

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Response to the Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Health Sector Consultation Response

22 August 2019

A response by the Royal Irish Academy to the Department of Health consultation on climate change adaptation for the health sector.

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Making Sense of Science for Policy under conditions of complexity and uncertainty

09 July 2019

Science advice offers unique benefits to policymakers in tackling global challenges like climate change.

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Improving Scientific Input to Global Policy-making with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

20 May 2019

Report discussing how the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires access to, and the application of, the best available evidence.

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Flourishing in a Data-enabled Society

21 June 2019

Discussion paper examining how a European approach to data governance can unlock the full potential of data-based technologies, while at the same time safeguarding European values

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Transforming the future of ageing

27 June 2019

This report shows that the ageing process needs to be transformed. Europe must tackle the challenges presented by ageing in every generation

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The imperative of climate action to protect human health in Europe

04 June 2019

Report by the European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC) calls on European governments to accelerate their efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the impact of climate change on air quality.

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EASAC (2019) ‘The imperative of climate action to protect human health in Europe’ - Relevance to Ireland

04 June 2019

Briefing Paper by Professor Patrick Goodman discussing the EASAC report and its relevance to Ireland.

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Academic freedom and institutional autonomy: Commitments must be followed by action

10 April 2019

Joint statement by ALLEA, EUA and Science Europe.

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