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In order to make a decision, each application will be assessed on the following weighted criteria:

1. The relevance of the proposal to the furtherance of the aims and priorities of this grant scheme (30%)
2. The ability of the applicant to carry out the proposed research, demonstrated through a track record of relevant competencies, as appropriate to their career stage (30%)
3. The design, resources and methodologies that are being brought to this project to enable its success, including personnel, skills, equipment, facilities, technologies and materials. Highlight those that are innovative or State of the Art (20%)
4. Evidence of plan for impactful and relevant dissemination (20%)

How applications are processed and assessed

  • Applications that are deemed eligible will be passed on for assessment. If we decide your application is not eligible, you will receive a letter informing you that your application is ineligible and will not be assessed.
  • Your application will be assessed by the Grants subcommittee of the Standing Committee for Archaeology based on the criteria and guidelines within this document and recommendations will be made to the Standing Committee for Archaeology for ratification based on the budget and the applications received.
  • You will then receive a letter of decision. If your application has been successful, we will
    include information about what you should do next.
  • All applicants whether successful or unsuccessful will automatically receive feedback on their
    application, recognising the RIA’s focus on fostering excellence in research.

It is anticipated that decisions in relation to this scheme will be communicated before the end of
November 2023 and all projects must be completed by the 1st November 2024