Art and Architecture of Ireland

Special offers when you pre-order Art and Architecture of Ireland published for the Royal Irish Academy and the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press

Anniversary of death of Michael Collins

Irish revolutionary leader, Minister for Finance and TD for Cork South, Michael Collins died in an ambush at Béal na Bláth,Co. Cork on August 22nd 1922 during the Irish Civil War.

Cúntóir Taighde Conradh ar Théarma Seasta

Tá folúntas ag an Acadamh do Chúntóir Taighde ar an tionscnamh Foclóir na Nua-Ghaeilge.

RIA Advice Paper 4 2014

Response to the consultation by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment on the Draft Primary Language Curriculum, July 2014

Library/IHTA Exhibition & Lectures

Our exhibition (1 July – 30 January, 2015) is ‘Mapping city, town and country since 1824: the Ordnance Survey in Ireland.’

Proposals for Membership

The Call for Proposals for Membership to the RIA 2014/2015 is now open.

The Academy for the Sciences and Humanities

The Royal Irish Academy, the academy for the sciences and humanities for the whole of Ireland will vigorously promote excellence in scholarship, recognise achievements in learning, direct research programmes and undertake its own research projects, particularly in areas relating to Ireland and its heritage. Take a tour About the RIA

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