Academy Discourse in association with IRCHSS: University in Crisis: A Public Sociology Perspective


IRCHSS logoProfessor Michael Burawoy

Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley and President of the International Sociological Association

In many parts of the world, the university is under a pincer movement of tightening budgets and intensified regulation. This is both a moment of decline and degradation but also an opportunity to rethink the meaning of the university. What light can sociology, and public sociology in particular, shed on this matter?

Throughout his career Professor Michael Burawoy has examined the organization of consent to capitalism, class-consciousness and work organization in state socialism, and the dilemmas of transition from socialism to capitalism. He has developed the 'extended case method' that allows broad conclusions to be drawn from ethnographic research and has shown how globalization can be studied 'from below' through participating in the lives of those who experience it. Recently he has turned his focus to the way sociology itself is produced and disseminated, and has been a prominent advocate of public sociology.

The talk is in conjunction with the IRCHSS and is the first in a series of public lectures to be held in 2011 in celebration of their 10 year anniversary.”

This talk is one of a number of events Professor Burawoy will be speaking at in Dublin from 13-14 January. UCD will host a lecture by Professor Burawoy on 14 January entitled ‘Who’s Afraid of Pierre Bourdieu? Sociology as a Combat Sport’, as part of a programme of events organised by the UCD Social Science Research Centre, together with the UCD College of Human Sciences and featuring Professor Burawoy.
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