International Policy Reports

Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise

21 January 2019

The ALLEA General Assembly 2018 Conference Proceedings ''Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise''

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Trust Within Science: Dynamics and Norms of Knowledge Production

21 January 2019

The second issue of the ALLEA Discussion Paper series from The ALLEA Working Group "Truth, Trust and Expertise"

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A Scientific Perspective on Microplastics in Nature and Society

10 January 2019

Verdict of SAPEA’s Evidence Review Report on micro and nanoplastic pollution

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ALLEA Response to Plan S

12 December 2018

ALLEA consideration of Plan S, the initiative for open access publishing supported by a consortium of research funders across Europe, and discussion of likely impacts and implementation requirements.

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Opportunities for future research and innovation on food and nutrition security and agriculture: The InterAcademy Partnership's global perspective

01 November 2018

Synthesis by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) based on the four regional academy network studies.

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Health Inequalities: an interdisciplinary exploration of socioeconomic position, health and causality

27 November 2018

A joint publication by ALLEA (All European Academies - the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities), FEAM (Federation of European Academies of Medicine) and the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of...


Opportunities for soil sustainability in Europe

28 September 2018

EASAC says policy-makers need to grasp opportunities to safeguard Europe’s soils and ensure their sustainability.

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Commentary by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) on Forest Bioenergy and Carbon Neutralit

15 June 2018

Commentary by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) on Forest Bioenergy and Carbon Neutrality

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Vaccination in Europe: An EASAC and FEAM commentary on the EC Roadmap ‘Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases’

18 April 2018

Europe’s national science and medical academies call for tailor-made interventions, European vaccination card and registry.

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Extreme weather events in Europe

21 March 2018

Preparing for climate change adaptation: an update on EASAC’s 2013 study. New data confirm increased frequency of extreme weather events, European national science academies urge further action on climate change...

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Food from the Oceans

29 November 2017

How can more food and biomass be obtained from the oceans in a way that does not deprive future generations of their benefits?

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Opportunities and challenges for research on food and nutrition security and agriculture in Europe

05 December 2017

New report from European science academies calls for urgent action on food and nutrition security: Europe will need to change its diet to address climate change and health

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Negative emission technologies: What role in meeting Paris Agreement targets?

01 February 2018

A new report by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

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Living Together: Missions for shaping the future

11 December 2017

An agenda for the next European Research and Innovation Framework Programme from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The Text and Data Mining Exception and the Enhancement of Access to Scientific Information in Europe

15 November 2017

Statement prepared by the ALLEA Permanent Working Group Intellectual Property Rights

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Patentability of Inventions Involving Human “Embryonic” Pluripotent Stem Cells in Europe

17 October 2017

In this statement, taking account of recent rapid developments within the life sciences, ALLEA re-addresses the issue and renews its plea that the same moral standards which control research and development in the area...

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Homeopathic products and practices: assessing the evidence and ensuring consistency in regulating medical claims in the EU

20 September 2017

EASAC, the European Academies' Science Advisory Council, published this Statement to build on recent work by its member academies to reinforce criticism of the health and scientific claims made for homeopathic products...

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Opportunities and challenges for research on food and nutrition security and agriculture in Europe

05 December 2017

EASAC report examining how global and national food systems present increasing challenges for science communities in tackling issuesfor health, nutrition, agriculture, ecology and human behaviour, and for encompassing...

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Valuing Dedicated Storage in Electricity Grids

09 August 2017

This EASAC report provides independent advice for policy makers on the use of dedicated electricity storage in electricity grids.

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ALLEA- Developing a Vision for Framework Programme 9

13 July 2017

Exploring possibilities and potential outcomes for Framework Programme 9

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Genome Editing: Scientific Opportunities, Public Interests and Policy Options in the European Union

23 March 2017

EASAC report on genome editing advises European policy-makers on how to approach groundbreaking research on plants, animals, microbes and humans.

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Circular Economy Indicators

30 November 2016

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