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Ériu Volume XX (20), 1966 (Print Copy)

by Eleanor Knott
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Published date

16 October 2015

Frequency: 1 Annually

ISSN: 0332-0758

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Edited by: Eleanor Knott and D. A. Binchy

Ériu is devoted to Irish philology and literature, and from its foundation in 1904 the peer-reviewed journal has had a reputation internationally among Celtic scholars. In the century since its inception, Ériu has served as an outlet for the work of the early standard bearers of Irish language studies and Celtic studies and of each new generation of researchers in turn.

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  1. Bretha Déin Chécht (pp. 1-66)

    D. A. Binchy

  2. Zu Gúbretha Caratniad § 39 (p. 66)

    H. Wagner

  3. The Origin of the f-Future (pp. 67-81)

    Calvert Watkins

  4. The Prefix In- (pp. 82-86)

    David Greene

  5. Altirisch -Tuit 'Fällt' (pp. 87-93)

    H. Wagner

  6. Addendum to 'The Origin of the f-Future' (p. 93)

    Calvert Watkins

  7. The Phonetic Basis of Classical Modern Irish Rhyme (pp. 94-103)

    Brian Ó Cuív

  8. The Preverb Con- (Co N-) in the Ll Táin (pp. 104-111)

    Cecile O'Rahilly

  9. A Poem by Airbertach Mac Cosse (pp. 112-139)

    Gearóid S. Mac Eoin and Airbertach Mac Cosse

  10. Irish Cote (pp. 140-150)

    E. G. Quin

  11. Cáin Domnaig (pp. 151-177)

    Vernam Hull

  12. Irisches in der Edda (pp. 178-182)

    H. Wagner

  13. Mod.IR. Maidir le, Mar le (pp. 183-184)

    D. A. Ó Cróinín

  14. The Origin of the Word "Betagius" (pp. 185-190)

    Liam Price

  15. Beir Mo Scíath, Scëo Fri Úath (pp. 191-201)

    Máirín O Daly, Ailill Ólomm and Ailill Ulomm

  16. Die Indogermanischen Ē-Praesentia Im Altirischen (pp. 202-207)

    Karl Horst Schmidt

  17. The Syntax of Mod.IR. "Lá Dá Raibh Sé" (pp. 208-211)

    R. A. Breatnach

  18. Varia. I (pp. 212-221)

    Proinsias Mac Cana

  19. Varia. II (pp. 222-228)

    P. L. Henry

  20. Varia. III (pp. 229-237)

    D. A. Binchy

  21. Carl J. S. Marstrander (pp. 237-238)

    D. A. Binchy

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